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Farming as a Business with Barclays Bank Zimbabwe

Barclays Bank Zimbabwe Head of Business Banking, Stan Dobvu educating young farmers on farming as a business and financial literacy. It is important that we instil a culture of financial planning into our young farmers so that they can run agriculture as a business. Many thanks to our partners, Barclays Bank Zimbabwe for partnering us in empowering our young farmers with financial Knowledge

January Disease/ Theileriosis Management

It is encouraged to try and manage the deadly disease affecting our cattle, known as January disease, because treating it, is proving to be more difficult and expensive. Dipping is the most and only effective way of managing the disease . This year we had inadequate dipping cycles due to the shortage of chemicals despite the farmers paying their dipping levies. The shortage is attributed to the lack of foreign currency  to purchase dipping chemicals. We plea with the government to prioritize animal health the same as human health. The country is losing close to 120 cattle/ week

ZFU Women In Agriculture Documentary

The Zimbabwe Farmers Union encourages farmers to work in groups. This documentary brings to light one of the many advantages of farmers working together in groups, which is supply guarantee. As an individual farmer, one might not have the capacity to consistently supply the market, but in a group or association, farmers can take turns to supply therefore guaranteeing the market consistent supply

Zimbabwe Youth Agripreneurship Summit 2017

The Zimbabwe Youth “Agriprenuership” Summit (ZYAS) organized by the Zimbabwe Farmers Union since 2013, is an annual event meant to motivate and inspire young people engaged in agriculture and its related value chains, to confidently occupy the agri-business space. ZYAS also seeks to develop positive attitudes, leadership skills and other relevant capacities among young people involved or intending to take up space in the agricultural industry. The ZYAS 2017 edition will run under the theme: “INSPIRED TO LEAD AND TRANSFORM!”


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