A bull on display at the 2013 ZITF in Bulawayo.

ZFU staff and stakeholders inspect a maize field under the Young Farmers’ Clubs project in Murehwa

ZFU has embarked on an ambitious project to promote livestock production, particularly in low rainfall areas.

Kambarami Primary School Children tend their crop.

ZFU leadership, secretariat and stakeholders during the 73rd Congress in Gweru.

Become a member

For one to become a member, an annual fee has to be paid at your nearest ZFU office.

The fees are categorised into 3 classes listed below

  1. Communal Farmers-A membership fee of US2.00  is required

  2. Small to medium Commercial Farmers-A membership fee of US5.00 is required

  3. Large Commercial farmers-A membership fee of US10.00 is required

After paying the subscription fees and upon renewal, an individual is furnished with a membership card, popularly known as the ZFU membership card.The ZFU card entitles the holder to enjoy a wide array  of discounts for goods purchased at various firms.

How ZFU is Organised

The Union is hierarchically organised. Clubs are formed at the local levels and representative structures rise from area, district, provincial up to the national levels Small-scale commercial farmers, large-scale commercial farmers and plot holders join local ZFU associations, whilst farmers in communal and resettlement areas join local clubs. The ZFU’s District Council represents the interests of the associations and area councils of each district. The ZFU’s provincial councils represent all districts and the national council is formed out of the provincial councils.

Hierarchically structured under the same manner are the ZFU’s sub wings consisting of women, youths and commodity associations. These are represented in the respective councils at all levels.

News & Events


Health Harvest/Nutritional and Value Addtion Training Workshop

The Zimbabwe Farmers Union (ZFU) in partnership with the Department of Research and Specialist Services...



The Zimbabwe Farmers' Union (ZFU) informs its members and stakeholders in the agriculture sector following...


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